• ECOMA: Journal of Economics and Management

    Journal of Economics and Management (ECOMA) is a peer-reviewed, open access, and online journal about research, reports, book reviews, and commentaries on all aspects of Economics and Management which is published by Nusantara Scientific Publication Institute. ECOMA is published three times a year, every April, August and December with online version of e-ISSN: 2987-7407.

    ECOMA provides open access to anyone so that the information and findings in these articles are useful for everyone. This journal's article content can be accessed and downloaded for free, free of charge, following the creative commons license used. However, suppose the data in this article is used as material in article writing or anything else. In that case, you must quote and include the article author's name in the item being made.

  • Media of Health Research

    Media of Health Research (MOHR) is a national periodical journal which contains research articles in health sector. MOHR journal are expected to be a medium for conveying scientific findings and innovations in the health sector for those in the health sector, both those engaged in the health sector. MOHR journal is published three times a year (April, August and December) by the Nusantara Scientific Publication Institute with online version of e-ISSN: 2987-7784. The editorial team invited health observers to express their ideas in order to improve self-professionalism and responsibility for national education.